Benefits of Outsourcing


We’ve outlined major key benefits why your practice should consider outsourcing to a team of highly specialized healthcare billing professionals.

  • Higher Reimbursement
  • Faster Turn Around
  • Less Out of Pocket
  • Trained professionals 
  • Patient focus
  • Added value to your practice
  • Reduce denials and rejections
  • We stay up to date with industry changes
1. Cost Saving
Significant cut down on Labor costs, which includes spending on training and updating an in-house or dedicated team with the latest regulations. It also addresses the shortage in medical coders affected by the expansion of the ICD-10 coding guidelines. Our staff either or both medical coding and healthcare billing personnel are inarguably less expensive than paying for on-site staff with benefits or  office equipment, space and materials not to mention updates in software

2. Outsourcing Allows More Focus On Patient Care

Spend more time focusing on what you do best – concentrating on patient satisfaction and providing quality care to your patients. This is specifically advantageous for smaller physician groups that cannot afford a large medical office staff. Physicians cannot be efficient at providing excellent patient care if they are bogged down by the financial side of the running a practice.

3. Increased Revenues

Reduced overhead costs don’t always translate to increased cash flow. But in this case, saving money and time in investments and expenses such as office and IT infrastructure, as well as salaries translates to a better-managed submission of claims and increased reimbursements. Adding to that, there is no disruption in the workflow since outsourcing companies provide continuity after regular business hours.

4. Improves Patient Satisfaction

The ability to offer excellent customer service is what all healthcare professionals want to provide to their patients. However, it can be quite difficult to juggle the demands of treating patients and handling billing issues. The medical receptionist is responsible for greeting patients and answering the telephone. Reducing the burden placed on your front office staff by outsourcing can increase productivity, efficiency, and employee morale. It can also increase patient satisfaction by improving patient flow. Your patients will be happy because they will receive uninterrupted courteous and professional assistance for their billing questions or issues

5. HIPAA -Compliant Security Measures
Transactions are secured and can be accessed when needed. HIPAA-compliant service providers are built and structured to maintain confidentiality and safeguard sensitive information from scrupulous parties. There is also a solid disaster recovery strategy put in place to guarantee uninterrupted operations

6. ICD- 10 Adherence

The revised ICD-10 codes are in response to the fast-paced changes in the U.S. healthcare industry that gives rise to higher costs of medical insurance, shifting restrictions in coverage and allowances. There is a need for medical coding to be accurate at all times, as ICD-10 will have a significant effect on time management and payment outcomes for health providers. Our healthcare  billing and coding staff are up-to-date with these regulations.

7. A Staff Of Trained, Certified and Highly Skilled Personnel

A dedicated team of trained and certified healthcare billing and coding specialists are well-informed in the business requirements and demands of these tasks. They will familiarize themselves and apply their skills according to the customer guidelines and procedures in that specific facility.

8. Work Scalability 

Particularly in medical coding, outsourcing highly experienced and skilled medical coders well-versed with the ICD-9 and ICD-10 guidelines are beneficial in balancing the workload and their capability to function in different organization setups

9. Commitment To Quality

Standardized processes are already established, along with data-driven improvement initiatives that will shorten turnaround time and increase accuracy results. This, while maintaining and/or improving the workflow to ensure better quality and productivity.

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