Our Goal is to Increase your revenue flow efficiently.
AlphaIIOmega RCM is a  Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Company providing healthcare billing, coding, analytics and advisory services to leading U.S. Healthcare Providers. Our approach is to maximize your revenue and minimize denial rates by staying up to date with industry changes and ensuring a well trained staff for faster reimbursement. Keeping Client satisfaction so that the provider focus is the patient. We have specialized teams of healthcare professionals who hold specialty specific knowledge to handle your billing and coding tasks efficiently.  


“Drive Superior Quality to the Revenue Cycle Management”

“We understand healthcare and are fluent in Insurance, staying up to date with industry changes

“It is important to partner with the right company.  to avoid costly errors

The AlphaIIOmega Way !!!
⇒     End to End AR Analysis performed by our expert before On-boarding
⇒     Our Credential expert complete your EDI /ERA credentialing tasks with the major payer’s
⇒     Optimize Clean Claim Submissions
⇒     Eliminate Clearinghouse Rejections and Denials by closely monitoring to include low pays. 
⇒     Ensure maximizing Collections 
⇒     Continuous Monitoring and monthly reporting
⇒     Control Aging through effective monitoring system
⇒     Bilingual staff is available
We Work With All Major Practice Management Software & Clearinghouses

Join our team, let's get started. Maximize your reimbursement !!!